Barefoot church

A church with rule that women go barefoot in church.


When moving to a new area you dont know any one. Making new friends was difficult.  Finding a church can also be problematic.  

Paul and christy and there family had just moved to a new area.  They had no idea where to go to a church.they decided to check out varous churches. 

The two and the kids went inside the church. “Welcome to word Baptist temple. “An usher said.Paul and christy introduced themselves to the usher. They were given name tags. 

“Mam. I need you to remove your shoes.”the usher said. Paul was very surprised. As was his young wife christy. “Excuse me?” paul asked. “This church by laws requires women to be barefoot. ” the usher said. 

They were a bit unsure about all of this. They were the visitors. It was only for one sunday. Christy rarely wore shoes any way. At least for very long. She agreed.  

Every women in the church was barefoot.  It seemed the members adhered to the policy. Neither paul nor Christy understood why the policy was in place. They made little sence to them. 

It did not really seam to cause any trouble. It was not that odd of a policy. The church was very friendly.  They did like the church.

She was able to put her shoes back on. They left the church. They went to the car. They waited to get in and pull away before they talked.  

“What did you think?” paul asked.”they seam friendly. The preaching was good.  I like it. “She said.  “Even there quirky traditions?” paul asked. “Is it now that odd. I dont mind going barefoot. ” she said.

They decided to give it another chance.  They went again that night. They. Went wendasday. They started to feel like they were more part of the church. They decided to become members. 

It seems that the barefoot rule was realy the only bizare rule. Every other doctrine qnd belief was fairly orthidox. It was prety standard with more fundimentilist churches. They were prety happy with the church. 

The end.

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