Forced to go barefoot 

a fiencae wants his future wife to gi batefoot.


I am calli. I am a wife and mom. I am a house wife and stay at home mom. I teach a sunday school class at church. I have two sons and two daughters. I am involved in a home school co op. 

My husband is bryan. Bryan is a deacon at the church. He owns his own business.  He loves playing sports and is very active and likes the outdores. 

He has a secret side to him. One i did not know at first. One i learned later on. One i learned over time. One i learned after getting to know him more and more. 

I met him at colege.  He was taking a biblical ministry tract. He was studding on a general bible tract.  He wanted to be a lay leader. He wanted to be a lay leader.  He wanted to be active in a local church.  

He was involved in a youth group at a church near the campus.  He was well respected by the faculty, staff and students alike.  

We were in different clases. He was a jr and i was a senior. At first we had little to no interaction. It was barely little more then hi and bye. We started to become more and more familer to eachother.  

We started to see eachother in the libary. We were both very studious. We took out studies serious. At first we said little to each other. Then we talked about what we were reserching. From there we became friends.

Slowly we moved to hanging out outside of the lubrary. Our acquaintance morphed into a friendship. From a friendship to something even more deeper and more meaningful. 

I always wore skirts or dreses. I wore nylons often. One day we were talking. “You should take off your shoes.” he sugested. I kicked them off. I noticed he staired at them off and on. I did not know much about foot fetish.  It was a bit unusual. 

He normaly asked me to take off my shoes. On weekends i wore sandles or flip flops. I could tell that he like my feet. I rarely wore sox but i did at times. I could tell that he was not a big fan. He seemed to be less friendly when i did so. He lit up i wore nylons or was barefoot in shoes. 

I liked to be barefoot around him.i liked to keep him happy. It was not hard. He and i became close. His weird foot thing did not really brother me. 

We officialy got together when i was a sophmore and he was a senior. Over the sumers,  he visited me for a couple of weeks. I was barefoot a good anount of that time. That made him happy. 

I worked at a camp. He went on a misson trip in asia. We did not see a lot of eachother. He visited me at the school. I continued in my studies. 

He perposed mariege to me the summer before my senior year.  I accepted. We got married a few mounths after we graduated. 

Shortly after we got engaged,  he had a talk with me. ” hunnie! I want you to go barefoot almost all the time.  ” he said.

Before we datted, i would have been totaly shocked and stuned. Now that i knew him, i was really not surprised. 

“I can agree to that. ” she said. “You sure? Your not just saying that. I hate sox. You have great feet. They should not be hidden.” he said. “I promise i am not lying . i am being totaly honest with you. You have my word. ” i told him. 

He was still a bit sceptical.  I tried to elviate his fears. I was barefoot often around him. I rarely wore shoes in his presence. I got rid of all my sox. He liked tights or nylons. I liked sandles or flip flops anyways. 

After we got maried, i only wore shoes at church. I wore dress shoes that showed feet or sandles or flip flops. I was barefoot at home. I never wore shoes in the house. 

He never touch my feet before we were maried. I could tell that he wanred to. He was able to mantain self control. When we got maried he touched my legs and feet. On the car ride to our honey moon he rubed his hand against my legs in the car. 

When we got to the hotel he touched my feet and legs . it was a kind of foreplay. He went crazy for a long time. Then we did it 

I always knew how to get him in the mood. I would put my legs on his. If he was having  in a bad day i simply put ny legs near stoped his bad day.  It worked every time.  

I loved being barefoot. I did not mind it at all. I came to love it. I was a bit of a submissive anyways. My mom was as well. She taught me to be submisive. I did not mind being barefoot. 

We have a great relationship and have always been close. 

The end. 

Foot fetish 

A bible college student discovers his fiancée has a foot fetish.

Im Jake.  I grew up in a strict baptist church. We did not own a television.  Myself and my siblings were home schooled.  Most of our activities were centered around the church or area like minded churches. We loved the outside. We were active. 

As a teen , a new family moved to the area. They had a family comprible family size to myine. The oldest daughter was Julie.  Our two families hung out quite a bit. We all became close friends.

We hung out at church. We also hung out outsude of church. Eventualy julie and i became closer. We became friends and then close friends.  We eventualy decided to start a process similar to what some call courtship.basicaly we dated.  

Things went well with us. With consultation with family and church and college oficials , we began to discus marriage.  

Everyone has qirks. Some people hqve trouble pronouncing words. Some studer. Some get nervous. Some people have there own ant farm. Some stil have imiginary friends etc. Jules had a qirk of her own. 

You see she had a foot fetish. As an independent fundimental baptist, she routinely wore dreses or skirts. She never wore pants except under dreses during  winter outdoor activities.  She wore dress shoes a lot.she commonly wore sandles or flip flops. She had a habit of taken off her shoes. I am schocked that she had not lost her shoes. She was often barefoot.  That was not that uncommon for girls .

She liked to pant her nails.  Again not a big deal. I had never heard the term foot fetish.  I was nieve about that kind of stuff. 

I did not pick up on it at first.  It was subtle. On ocasion she asked me if i liked her shade of nail pilish? I was stuned by the question.  It just seemed off the wall. It seemed out of no whare. It was kind of a looney tune questions.  She was prety even keeled.  That was what i believed at the time. 

“Yea i like it. ” i said. ” i’m glad. ” she said. I was taken aback. I noticed she made comments about feet.  She rubed her feet in front of me. She acted weird around me. At first it was unoticed by me. After a while it was unavoidible. 

I had no idea what it was all about.  ” mom i have noticed an odd paturn. “I told her. “Whats that?” she asked. “Julie is obsesed with her feet. She is always talking about that.  She makes coments. It is kind of bizare. ” i said. 

Her jaw dropped. She was shocked and stuned.  She had different life experiences then i did. I grew up only attending independent fundimental Baptist.  Mom grew up in a more evengelical baptist church. Mom watched telivison as a child. She knew a little more about the outside world that i did. 

I was clueless what this ment. She had insight that i did not have.  “This is something you should talk to your father about. ” she said.

I explaned things to dad. He got a scowl on his face. He usualy stayed in one spot. When he was deep in thought he paced though the room. After a few seconds,  he stoped.  

“I think Julia might have a foot fetish? ” he remarked. ” a what?” i asked.  “Some people sexual desires arw triggered by some thing. For some three sexual desires are trigered by things objects. While there is a very smal sagment of society are trigered by feet. She may fall into that catagory. She may be unaware of it. ” he said. 

Unwittingly stirred  a hornets nest. My parents spoke to her parents.  We were alowed to mantiain our relationship but more supervised. It was supwrvised before. She had to wear shoes for now. They tried to get her to wear sox. That was hard for her because she hatted sox. She did like nylons or panty hose though.

She toned down her foot fanaticism.  We eventualy got engaged.  We got maried and went on a honey moon. She wore flip flops.  I was under the impreson that all of her sandles or flip flops had been given away or thown away. Perhaps she brought some without her parents knowledge. She painted her toes. I was also under the impreson that nail polish was banned by her parents. 

We got to the hotel. We had traded driving. We were both tired. “Take off my sandles.  Play with my feet! ” she said.

“Oh. I dont do stuff like that!” i said. “It is not banned in scripture. Come on. Give me a massage! ” she asked.i thought it over. I supposed that she was right. I decided to go along with it 

I pulled off her sandles. I started to rub her feet.  Her feet felt realy nice. Within secconds i was hooked. My thing went up.

After a while,  i got on top of her. We removed each others cloths and went at it. I had no idea but it seems that i had a foot fetish.  She usualy reveled hee feet and it got me into the mood.

We were a hspily maried couple. We had four children.  We were busy in full time miniatry. No one was aware of the weird foot thing.

The notes. 

This story is not ment to be a commentary on foot fetish.  Nor dows it endorse or condem foot fetish.  

Barefoot sister

Two sisters move in with eachother. One has a foot fetish.

Annie was a bit down on her luck.  She had a good job. She geaduated from colege with at high marks. A compony she did some summer internship for hired her right after she graduated. She had gone up the ranks.  The compony was sold to a conglomerate.  The new parent compony wanted to murge the two companies.  That ment consolidation and downsizing.  

She was one of the employees let go. She was hoping to be able to stay.she was prety sure that she was going to get the axe. She had to reduce her standard of living. She ended her lease for her apartment.  

She decided to go see her sister. She hoped that she could convince her to let her move in with her. At least until she got back on her feet. She drove to her house.

When katie saw her sister pul in.he opened the door.  Katie wore a blue t shirt jeens and was barefoot.  She went out to the outside porch. Annie wore a gray t shirt and pink skirt and flip flops. 

She went over to annie. They hugged. They always had a complex relationship.  Annie always wanted to be a c.e.o of a major cooperation or a minnor one. Katie wanted to be a stay at home mom.she loved gardening.  She could spend all day in her garden. 

Katie had three children.  One was in school.  The two others were not old enough to go to school. Katie husband was killed while serving in the army oversees. She was now a widow. Between her inheritance from her late parents and her fugal nature she made it work..

They went inside. Katie had a rule that no shoes of any kind are to be worn inside the house. She took off her flip flops. They went over to the couch. 

“Katie i lost my job. “Annie told her.”i am so sory annie. ” she said.”i was wondering if i could stay with you for a while.  I will pay rent, help buy food.  Help cook do chores. Whatever you need me to with the kids what ever. ” she told her older sister. 

“It has been a while sence we have lived together.  I like the idea. I could use some help. There will be some rules. I want you home by ten no exceptions except for work. I will need proof that your at work.  Light out by midnight. No loud music after nine.  I will have a chart with chores. Please do them promptly.”she said. 

“Ok. I will comply with those rules .”annie assured her older sister.  “Good. Also no shoes in the house. Opon entering you will remove yiur shoes. No exceptions.  “She said. 

“I will do that. “Annie said. “Ok. Good. No sox. In the house you will be barefoot.  “Katie said.

Annie was suprised by this. Annie waa suprised that she was asked to stay barefoot inside the home.she was suprised that this was one of her rules. “Your house your rules.i agree.  “Annie said.  

“Then i think i can let you move on.i want to start this on a trial run at first. If it works out i am sure we can continue this on a more long term bases. “Katie said.

Annie smiled. “Cool. So will you be barefoot all the time? “Anie asked.”yes i will. “Katie said. “Cool. You have nice feet.  ” annie said. “Thanks. I like your feet as well. “Katie responded.  

She said thank you to her sister.  They hugged. They had other sisters but they were the closest.with there perents both dead they relied on each other. 

She moved in a couple days later. Katie was sceptical of this arangement. Annie had been careless as a child right up to her graduation.  She wondered if she had really grown up and matured. Her fears had been quickly eliviated. 

She took there agrement quite seriously.  The agrement seemed not be an issue. Annie always held up to her part of the bargun. She enjoyed having her  compony. She had someone adult to talk to. 

Annie came over to the couch. Katie was painting her toe nails.  She was painting her nails red. Katie shared her nail polish with her sister.  

“Katie!  Do you have have some kind of foot fetish?”Annie asked.she blushed. “Ok you caught me. I figured you would have figued it out by now. ” katie said. “The signs were there i gues. I am not sure why i did not conect the dotes.” Annie said. 

“May i touch your feet?”Katie asked. It was a very unusual request. It was kinda odd. ” oh ok. “Annie reaplied.

Katie started to run her fingers over her sisters feet she rub the top.she then went to the bottom of her feet. She caressed them. She seeamed to be in an extreme sate of almost an orgasmic sate. 

Annie could tell that this was almost making katie horny. Annie wondered, was this only confined to feet?could katie be a lesbien? Katie had always been a little too clingy with other girls. She always drewled a little too long with hugs. She did not mind but did notice it. 

“May i play with your feet?” annue asked.katie said yes. She rubed and rubed. Anie began to think that mayby she may have a foot fetish of her own. 

Both decided that this arangement was going to work out nicely. Yes indeed they both thought. 

The end.