Barefoot wife. 

A. Boyfriend perposes to his girlfriend but with a caviet.


Jim and jenna had been high school sweet harts. When they first started dated,everyone figured that it was a fluke. They would date then break up . it was what hapened with young people. 

That did not happen with these two. There relationship survived though freshman year. Many assumed it would probably fizzle out over the sumer. That did not happen.  It survived over the sumer.

It survived though high school. Some time after colege many began to think that it was really going somewhere.  Now manny started to suspect that they might get maried. They haf discused it from time to time. They had not made any difinitive desision on it. It seemed likly. 

Then the time for the big perposal came. He surprised her. He snunk the ring into her disert. She was so thriled. He never got to perpose.once she saw the ring she hugged him and said yes.she was very excited. 

“Woa woa. I am glad you said yes. There are things we need to discus. “He declared. She was surprised by that coment. 

“Oh ok. What things do we need to discuss?” she asked. ” well you know i am fairly traditional.  I grew up in a very old fashioned family.”he said. “Yes i know that. ” she said. 

“I would like to continue that. I intend for our family to be tradional.we will not remove the ancient landmarks.we will be strict and maintain decentcy and order. “Jim said. 

“Yes of course. Definitely.  ” she told him. ” i have certin guidelines i have to insist on. “He told her.she was a bit stunned. She wanted to hear him out. 

“Sure.  What is it?” she asked. “I dont want to ware shoes inside the home. You may outside but not on the property . ” he said.  

This seemed to an  unusual request. It could be worse. It was not that unresonible she suposed. She had a feeling that he was not done yet. She was corect. He had other request as well.

“I would like you to be barefoot at home. No sox. Panty hose or tights are aceptible. They will have to go to the waist.  No knee high or ankle highs.i hate those. I dont want you to own sox. If you cannot agree to that i am fine with it.please tell me if you do not want to comply with this. I would ask that you tell me. I am afraid that this is non negotiable. If you cant please let me know. ” he said.

She was a bit suprised by his declerarion.she was not expecting this. He had always been very particular.  He like things in a certain way. He had strong likes and dislikes. He was not quite opinionated but he had strong opinion. If he liked ,disliked or was indifferent you knew it. She always liked that he knew a lot of things. He always had interesting things to say on a multitude of topics. She was hardly a stereotypical tradional wife. She was very intelligent herself. He liked that about it.he did not want her to change. He loved a good discision even a debate. 

She never suspected that he had a foot fetish. She seamed to have kept it qiet. He had always been bery private even to her. She felt that she just learned quite a bit about her. 

“Ok! So let me get this straight.  You dont want me to ware shoes inside the home. I cant wear sox or even own sox. “She repeated.  “Corect. Can you agree to these terms? “He asked. 

“When does this become efective? “She asked. ” after the wedding. I do need a firm commitment.  Yes or no. ” he said.

She thought it over. She considered his “request. “She considered the ramifications of agreeing to this .she understood that he was totally serious. He would not backtrack on this. She knew that for certain. She thought it over. You could hear a pin drop during that time. A time that would determine both there future.  

After a few minutes she came to a decision. “Ok i agree to your terms. “She said. He was shocked. He was afraid that she would say no. He hugged her. He placed the ring o. Her finger.

She was not big on wearing shoes any ways. She frequently went bare foot inside the house and in the yard. It was not that big of a deal.  She was not big on sox any where. She did not tell anyone about this part of the deal. 

She owned a lot if shoes. She downgraded her shoe colection. She got rid of her sox. She was fine with that. She was kinda excited by it. 

The end.

This is a work of fiction and fantasy .the author is not advocating the behavor practiced in this story.  

Bare foot work.

A women gets a has an unusual rule.

Becky had just graduated from a local university. She graduated third in a large class. Despite her accolades, she had trouble finding a job. The economy was not doing real well. It was understandable.  

She had aplied to every job that had anything to do with her major. Finaly she got an intervue. It was a marketing manager. 

She showered.she braided her hair into a poney tail. She put on a white blouse with a black sweater and a black skirt. She put on black dress shoes.

She was where slightly ahead of schedule. She went to the reception. After a short time,the ceo of the company. Left his office. He smiled and apeared to be vety friendly.  

“Hi im gill rosen” the ceo said.she introduced himself.  He showed her around the office. She noticed that the conpony enploed a lot of wonen.there were manny women in key posiations including middle and uper management.  

She also noticed something else. This seemed a little off. It was quite unusual.  All of the female workers were bare foot.  It is hardly unusual for women to be barefoot at work. Usually you might see shoes near there desk. There was no shoes. She suposed that it was not that odd.

After the tour they went into her office. The intervue went really well. By the end of the interview, it was prety clear that she was probably going to get the job. 

The CEO was impressed with her.he wanted her to join the team.  “Alright.  I am ready to offer you a job. It is yours if you want it. “Gill said.

She smiled. “I definitely would.  ” she replied. They went though various details of the posistion.this included pay and benefits. It was going well. 

“This is one more thing i need to discus.  “Gill said. “Alright.  “Becky said “i need to discuss our dress code. ” he said. “Ok. Of course. ” she said. 

“We require all female employees to be barefoot while working.  ” gill informed her. “All the time on dutty?” she asked.  “Yes you can ware shoes to work. Once you start work,you need to be barefoot. “Gill said.

For a lot of workers,  this is a deal breaker. Many female workers ready to come on to the conpony bow out after hearing this rule. 

The rule had gone back thirty years. .it started under the very first c.e.o.there was rumors that he had a foot fetish.  It was a different was odd that the rule had not been reversed. It was not known outside the conpony. 

“So do you want the job?’ gill asked. Becky thought it over. “Yes i do want the job. ” she said. He smied.he shock her hand and welcomed her to the compony. 

She started in a couple of days. She decided to ware a red shirt and gray skirt on her first day. She wore flip flops. 

She was greated by felow workers. She went to her locker.she took off her flio flops.  She liked the feel of being batefoot. She liked looking at other girls feet. 

She forgot that she was bare foot.  She liked being bare foot.  She found that other girls that worked there enjoyed it as well. 

She was well liked there. She was pronoted very quickly. She found she looked froward to being barefoot. 

She had a saying,once you go barefoot you never go back.

The end.

This author does not condone discrimination or harassment. This is a work of fantasy.  This is not w recommendation.