Barefoot sister

Two sisters move in with eachother. One has a foot fetish.


Annie was a bit down on her luck.  She had a good job. She geaduated from colege with at high marks. A compony she did some summer internship for hired her right after she graduated. She had gone up the ranks.  The compony was sold to a conglomerate.  The new parent compony wanted to murge the two companies.  That ment consolidation and downsizing.  

She was one of the employees let go. She was hoping to be able to stay.she was prety sure that she was going to get the axe. She had to reduce her standard of living. She ended her lease for her apartment.  

She decided to go see her sister. She hoped that she could convince her to let her move in with her. At least until she got back on her feet. She drove to her house.

When katie saw her sister pul in.he opened the door.  Katie wore a blue t shirt jeens and was barefoot.  She went out to the outside porch. Annie wore a gray t shirt and pink skirt and flip flops. 

She went over to annie. They hugged. They always had a complex relationship.  Annie always wanted to be a c.e.o of a major cooperation or a minnor one. Katie wanted to be a stay at home mom.she loved gardening.  She could spend all day in her garden. 

Katie had three children.  One was in school.  The two others were not old enough to go to school. Katie husband was killed while serving in the army oversees. She was now a widow. Between her inheritance from her late parents and her fugal nature she made it work..

They went inside. Katie had a rule that no shoes of any kind are to be worn inside the house. She took off her flip flops. They went over to the couch. 

“Katie i lost my job. “Annie told her.”i am so sory annie. ” she said.”i was wondering if i could stay with you for a while.  I will pay rent, help buy food.  Help cook do chores. Whatever you need me to with the kids what ever. ” she told her older sister. 

“It has been a while sence we have lived together.  I like the idea. I could use some help. There will be some rules. I want you home by ten no exceptions except for work. I will need proof that your at work.  Light out by midnight. No loud music after nine.  I will have a chart with chores. Please do them promptly.”she said. 

“Ok. I will comply with those rules .”annie assured her older sister.  “Good. Also no shoes in the house. Opon entering you will remove yiur shoes. No exceptions.  “She said. 

“I will do that. “Annie said. “Ok. Good. No sox. In the house you will be barefoot.  “Katie said.

Annie was suprised by this. Annie waa suprised that she was asked to stay barefoot inside the home.she was suprised that this was one of her rules. “Your house your rules.i agree.  “Annie said.  

“Then i think i can let you move on.i want to start this on a trial run at first. If it works out i am sure we can continue this on a more long term bases. “Katie said.

Annie smiled. “Cool. So will you be barefoot all the time? “Anie asked.”yes i will. “Katie said. “Cool. You have nice feet.  ” annie said. “Thanks. I like your feet as well. “Katie responded.  

She said thank you to her sister.  They hugged. They had other sisters but they were the closest.with there perents both dead they relied on each other. 

She moved in a couple days later. Katie was sceptical of this arangement. Annie had been careless as a child right up to her graduation.  She wondered if she had really grown up and matured. Her fears had been quickly eliviated. 

She took there agrement quite seriously.  The agrement seemed not be an issue. Annie always held up to her part of the bargun. She enjoyed having her  compony. She had someone adult to talk to. 

Annie came over to the couch. Katie was painting her toe nails.  She was painting her nails red. Katie shared her nail polish with her sister.  

“Katie!  Do you have have some kind of foot fetish?”Annie asked.she blushed. “Ok you caught me. I figured you would have figued it out by now. ” katie said. “The signs were there i gues. I am not sure why i did not conect the dotes.” Annie said. 

“May i touch your feet?”Katie asked. It was a very unusual request. It was kinda odd. ” oh ok. “Annie reaplied.

Katie started to run her fingers over her sisters feet she rub the top.she then went to the bottom of her feet. She caressed them. She seeamed to be in an extreme sate of almost an orgasmic sate. 

Annie could tell that this was almost making katie horny. Annie wondered, was this only confined to feet?could katie be a lesbien? Katie had always been a little too clingy with other girls. She always drewled a little too long with hugs. She did not mind but did notice it. 

“May i play with your feet?” annue asked.katie said yes. She rubed and rubed. Anie began to think that mayby she may have a foot fetish of her own. 

Both decided that this arangement was going to work out nicely. Yes indeed they both thought. 

The end.