Forced to go barefoot 

a fiencae wants his future wife to gi batefoot.


I am calli. I am a wife and mom. I am a house wife and stay at home mom. I teach a sunday school class at church. I have two sons and two daughters. I am involved in a home school co op. 

My husband is bryan. Bryan is a deacon at the church. He owns his own business.  He loves playing sports and is very active and likes the outdores. 

He has a secret side to him. One i did not know at first. One i learned later on. One i learned over time. One i learned after getting to know him more and more. 

I met him at colege.  He was taking a biblical ministry tract. He was studding on a general bible tract.  He wanted to be a lay leader. He wanted to be a lay leader.  He wanted to be active in a local church.  

He was involved in a youth group at a church near the campus.  He was well respected by the faculty, staff and students alike.  

We were in different clases. He was a jr and i was a senior. At first we had little to no interaction. It was barely little more then hi and bye. We started to become more and more familer to eachother.  

We started to see eachother in the libary. We were both very studious. We took out studies serious. At first we said little to each other. Then we talked about what we were reserching. From there we became friends.

Slowly we moved to hanging out outside of the lubrary. Our acquaintance morphed into a friendship. From a friendship to something even more deeper and more meaningful. 

I always wore skirts or dreses. I wore nylons often. One day we were talking. “You should take off your shoes.” he sugested. I kicked them off. I noticed he staired at them off and on. I did not know much about foot fetish.  It was a bit unusual. 

He normaly asked me to take off my shoes. On weekends i wore sandles or flip flops. I could tell that he like my feet. I rarely wore sox but i did at times. I could tell that he was not a big fan. He seemed to be less friendly when i did so. He lit up i wore nylons or was barefoot in shoes. 

I liked to be barefoot around him.i liked to keep him happy. It was not hard. He and i became close. His weird foot thing did not really brother me. 

We officialy got together when i was a sophmore and he was a senior. Over the sumers,  he visited me for a couple of weeks. I was barefoot a good anount of that time. That made him happy. 

I worked at a camp. He went on a misson trip in asia. We did not see a lot of eachother. He visited me at the school. I continued in my studies. 

He perposed mariege to me the summer before my senior year.  I accepted. We got married a few mounths after we graduated. 

Shortly after we got engaged,  he had a talk with me. ” hunnie! I want you to go barefoot almost all the time.  ” he said.

Before we datted, i would have been totaly shocked and stuned. Now that i knew him, i was really not surprised. 

“I can agree to that. ” she said. “You sure? Your not just saying that. I hate sox. You have great feet. They should not be hidden.” he said. “I promise i am not lying . i am being totaly honest with you. You have my word. ” i told him. 

He was still a bit sceptical.  I tried to elviate his fears. I was barefoot often around him. I rarely wore shoes in his presence. I got rid of all my sox. He liked tights or nylons. I liked sandles or flip flops anyways. 

After we got maried, i only wore shoes at church. I wore dress shoes that showed feet or sandles or flip flops. I was barefoot at home. I never wore shoes in the house. 

He never touch my feet before we were maried. I could tell that he wanred to. He was able to mantain self control. When we got maried he touched my legs and feet. On the car ride to our honey moon he rubed his hand against my legs in the car. 

When we got to the hotel he touched my feet and legs . it was a kind of foreplay. He went crazy for a long time. Then we did it 

I always knew how to get him in the mood. I would put my legs on his. If he was having  in a bad day i simply put ny legs near stoped his bad day.  It worked every time.  

I loved being barefoot. I did not mind it at all. I came to love it. I was a bit of a submissive anyways. My mom was as well. She taught me to be submisive. I did not mind being barefoot. 

We have a great relationship and have always been close. 

The end. 

Why Christian women should not go around barefoot? 

a ficticuous editorial by a fictional pastor opposed to women going around barefoot.

This is a fictitious letter to the editor. This is a work of fiction. 

To whom it may concern.

I am a Baptist pastor who is writing about an issue that is not discussed but should be.  I am against ladies within independent fundamental Baptist churches going barefoot,  wearing shoes or any shoes that reveal part of a foot. 

Conservitive fundimental baptist have greatly opposed reveling clothing.  They have vociferously advocated modesty.  They have insisted that ladies avoid even the apearence of immodesty.  Skirts  or dreses should be below the knee. Blouses or dreses should totatotally cover her cleavage.  Yet concersitive Christians do permit or turn a blind eye to one form of nudity or partial nudity. That is feet.

Many ladies within independent baptist churches wear sandles or flip fliops. They wear shoes that show barefoot.  While many ladies within i.f.b wear panty hose , some do not. Manny ladies remove there shoes at church and go around barefoot. Others go around barefoot at there home. 

It seems that there is one form of nudity or partial nudity that baptist do not have an objection to. That of revealing the bare foot or part of it. Skin is skin. Nudity is nudity.  Rather in panty horse or not,  this is stil nudity. This is still unacceptable.  This kind of behavor should not be tolerated within the church. 

Now an objection to my point might be that did not the early church both male and female wear sandles?  Well yes. That was a diffetent time. It was a different culture. At that time, orher then members of the roman militaey, almost everyone wore sandles.  Shoes like we wore did not exist.  Sox had not been invented.  

Sandles,  for the most part was all there were. If Paul and peater and other early church leaders lived today, i do not think that they would have approved or endorse wearing sandles in our day. I dont think that they would permit sisters in the church to wear sandles or go barefoot in any form. 

How do i know this. Paul frequently mentions sexual morality.  First and second Corinthians and first thessilonians spend a lot of time discussing morality.  In our day and age going barefoot is an act of sexual perversion.  

We live in  A different time. To my knowledge foot fetism did not exist in The ancient world or in the world of the roman empire.  Foot fetism does exist in our world and in 21st century America.  Many men are turned on by seing bare feet.  It just does. We should not be feeding into this. 

If women did not bear there feet, this fetish would not be fed. Women should keep this is in mind.  They should not be a stumbling bloc to young men. 

It is incumbent on pastors, deacons or elders to guard the purity of our young men and women. At my church,  we have banned all open toed shoes . we forbid heel and high heels. We request that all dreses or skirts fall to the shoes. Dreses or skirts should not ride up when sitting.

At our church we incist that ladies wear boots or shoes that cover the caff. No part of a foot should be revealed. Non compliance with this directive could be grounds for church diaipline up and including expulsion from the redemed assambly and being treated as a heathen.  We incist all female members sign a satement pledging to adhere to this directive. 

I believe that other independent fundamental Baptist churches should do the same. Barefoot is imoral. 


Pastor dalton emmet greer

Imanual Baptist church

Intercourse Pennsylvania.  


This is a spoof article. It is designed to be a satire. It is not to be taken literaly. 

No reserch was done. This is a work of fiction and fantasy.  

Barefoot church

A church with rule that women go barefoot in church.

When moving to a new area you dont know any one. Making new friends was difficult.  Finding a church can also be problematic.  

Paul and christy and there family had just moved to a new area.  They had no idea where to go to a church.they decided to check out varous churches. 

The two and the kids went inside the church. “Welcome to word Baptist temple. “An usher said.Paul and christy introduced themselves to the usher. They were given name tags. 

“Mam. I need you to remove your shoes.”the usher said. Paul was very surprised. As was his young wife christy. “Excuse me?” paul asked. “This church by laws requires women to be barefoot. ” the usher said. 

They were a bit unsure about all of this. They were the visitors. It was only for one sunday. Christy rarely wore shoes any way. At least for very long. She agreed.  

Every women in the church was barefoot.  It seemed the members adhered to the policy. Neither paul nor Christy understood why the policy was in place. They made little sence to them. 

It did not really seam to cause any trouble. It was not that odd of a policy. The church was very friendly.  They did like the church.

She was able to put her shoes back on. They left the church. They went to the car. They waited to get in and pull away before they talked.  

“What did you think?” paul asked.”they seam friendly. The preaching was good.  I like it. “She said.  “Even there quirky traditions?” paul asked. “Is it now that odd. I dont mind going barefoot. ” she said.

They decided to give it another chance.  They went again that night. They. Went wendasday. They started to feel like they were more part of the church. They decided to become members. 

It seems that the barefoot rule was realy the only bizare rule. Every other doctrine qnd belief was fairly orthidox. It was prety standard with more fundimentilist churches. They were prety happy with the church. 

The end.

Bare foot prison

A young colege student is falsely arrested and ends up in prison where she ia forced to go batefoot.

I’m katie. I am 19 years old. I was a college student.  I was a good student. I got good was good. 

I was shy and qiet. I got asked out by another freshman.of course i said yes. He was smart like me. He was not a showman. He was not full of himself at all. I respected him for that and severl other reason. 

Our date was amazing.  He saw kind and thoughtfull.the perfect gentlemen.  We arranged to have a second date. 

What i did not know was that this made another person jelous. Bradford Clifton jenings roberds the third. He liked me. He thought i should be with him. He was anoid at the thought of me being with someone else. Especially a freshman from a less then middle class family.  

Instead of trying to win me over,he decided to get revenge. If he could not have me,no one could. He came up with a plan.he decided to frame me for cheeting. 

He hacked into my oficial school digital portfolio.  He changed my paper. I was always careful to cite my sources and give proper citation when i qoated or made illusion to a saurce. I used the turabien method if citing. He made it look i was attributing qoate to myself. Sence he hacked into my accounts it looked like i was doing it.

Sence colleges were under the department of education, cheating was a federal crime. Due to high profile cheating scandles. It was punishable by jail time. 

I went to my room. I saw several fbi agents. “Are you katie burton?”the lead f.b.i. agent asked. “I am.”i said. I was realy concerned.  I had no idea what was going on. I knew it was not good. 

“Katie Elizabeth burton you are under arest fir violating title five of the fairness and inrregrety act.”he said. My rights were read. I was led to prison.

I was striped out of my green shirt,jeens and underware. I was put in an orange jumpsuit. I was then shakled . i was put in handcufs,belly chain and ankle cufs.

“Where are my shoes? “I asked.  “Prisoners are not alowed shoes or sox. You go barefoot all the matter what. ” the gaurd said.

I did not like that at all. What could i do. I was taken my cell witch was cubicle realy. The shakles were removed.  I was placed in a chair. I was shakled in the chair for a day. 

I was forced to stay in the chair until night.  I was then shakled in a bunk in another room.

I was unable to pay bail. I had to await trial in prison.  I was barfoot. At my trial i could ware shoes. I did not like it any more. I felt hot. I was excited to take them off.

Then on day i was shakled in a chair. A gaurd came in.she undid my shakles. It was not close to bed time i realy had no idea what was going on.

“You are being released! “She said.”did someone pay my bail?”i asked. “No you misunderstand! The charges were droped. It seamed a jilted lover framed you. He felt bad and confessed “she said. 

I was alowed to change. David the freshman i started to date before i ended up in the pocky. Picked me up. I go in. We kissed and huged.

My feet were kiling me. I took off my shoes.much better. I had a feeling i would be going barefoot more often.

The end.

So i dont end up barefoot in prison, the idea came from qurhk on tumbler. If you google barefoot in prison tumbler,ther are quite a few tumbler pages involving batefoot girl in prison or slaves.  

I have a thing for bategoot girls in seams other do we wel.